【エシカル -Ethical-】とは直訳すると「倫理的」「道徳上の」という意味で、人や動物、環境や社会に配慮した物事を表す際に使われる言葉です。




数少ない日本の工場と連携し、生地生産以外のパターンメイキング・縫製・染め・プリント・検品などの製造工程を全て日本で行っています。海外の貿易を日本のものづくりが支える「Made "with" JAPAN」なブランドです。


----Sustainable manufacturing with environmental considerations
We develop ethical and sustainable items that respect people, the environment and animals.
Mainly using 100% certified Indian organic cotton fabric.It uses a dye that is less environmentally sensitive and uses the least water-free inkjet print for graphic printing.Organic cotton is also used for sewing machine thread, and biodegradable natural materials such as buttons are used.

----High transparency to disclose all production backgrounds
We will disclose overseas producers, domestic factories, raw materials, and cost ratios, clarify how the products are made and how much they cost, and make sure that the we make honest products.

----Trade Support for Developing Countries
With the aim of improving India's poor working environment and eliminating child labor, Japan will support fair trade in certified organic cotton through fair trade, not through support.

----Revitalization of Japanese local industries ・ Revival and development of traditional technology
Providing "black dyeing" using Kyoto's traditional techniques that have been passed down since the early Meiji era, and leaving Japanese traditional techniques to future generations.
And we will actively incorporate Japanese traditional culture in order to make it a tradition that can be proud not only in Japan but also overseas.

In cooperation with one of the few Japanese factories, all manufacturing processes such as pattern making, sewing, dyeing, printing, and inspection other than fabric production are performed in Japan.
Japanese manufacturing supports overseas trade [Made "with" JAPAN] Is a brand.